Instruments for Beginners

Everyone starts at the beginning...

At Bass & Treble, we believe that when you're just starting your musical journey, you should be given the best possible opportunity to learn and develop. That's why our beginner and student instruments offer the craftsmanship, design, features and level of performance needed to give you the best start.

We've hand-picked a selection of our beginner and student musical instruments below - if you don't see the type of instrument you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us online, by phone or by visiting our Naxal store:

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Top 10 Songs Every Guitarist Should Learn

Greetings, Guitarists!

Oh don’t refrain from calling yourself a guitarist even if you have just joined your school of music this quarantine. Like they say, a start is half job done. The ones who have just started learning you must aim to preserve the excitement and energy that you started learning the guitar with and continue practising. The most effective way is to learn songs. This is not just a source of happiness to you but also a crowd puller that boosts your confidence. How about knowing about the songs you can absolutely play with finesse and style, even as a beginner?

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Learn to Play: Just 20 Minutes a Day

Do you wish you could play a musical instrument but find that something always gets in the way of learning? 

We asked our musicians for their best tips for learning a musical instrument - so, right now as you sit at home this quarantine its the perfect time to take your first step. Here is the first of our Learn to Play help guide/blogs packed full of useful advice, whatever your level or ability, to set you up to succeed on your learn to play adventure.

Here are our top 5 tips:


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Choosing the Perfect Starter Digital Piano

If you're new to piano or wanting to re-kindle that old musical flame from years ago, now is a great time to start. We're here to help you find the piano that suits you, your home and your budget! To find out more call or visit us in our Naxal Store where we're on hand to offer advice and support where you need it most: 

At Yamaha, we take great pride in making some of the world's greatest concert pianos. But we're equally proud to be making high quality pianos to suit normal homes and more modest budgets. If you're looking for a starter piano, we've put a selection together for you to explore...

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