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Repairs & Maintenance

At Bass & Treble, we sell instruments and equipment that withstand years of use. If something does go awry, new instruments are covered by our 1 year guarantee (a longer guarantee is included with some items).

If your instrument or equipment is covered by warranty, or out-of-warranty and needs servicing or repair, please contact us - https://bassandtreble.shop/contactus
Once contacted, we will endeavour to repair your  instrument as quickly as possible. Please bear in mind we can only give you an estimation in regard to the period of time it will take to repair your instrument – if a spare part required is out of stock, then the repair process may be delayed until the part arrives. We will endeavour to keep you informed and up to date of any delay to the repair process.

Please be aware we are not liable for business losses incurred whilst products are being repaired, no matter how long the repair process. We only supply the products for domestic and private use. If you use the products for any commercial, business or re-sale purpose we will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.


Piano Tuning

Pianos Fall Out of Tune over Time

Piano strings are strung under tremendous tension, averaging 90 kilograms each. Hence, even if the piano is not played, the strings will gradually stretch with the passage of time and the piano will fall out of tune.

Pianos need regular tuning at least once a year to keep them up to pitch and playing the correct notes. In particular, piano strings stretch a great deal during the first year after purchase, and the piano should be tuned twice during this one-year period. In addition, tuning is a way to check the piano's condition, which is important. Tuning diagnoses potential piano "health" problems.

Our Piano Tuning and Technical Service offers a competitive, friendly and efficient tuning service. To keep your piano in the best possible condition, we recommend a regular tuning appointment every six months.

How to book: Call 01-4425929


Guitar Workshop at Bass & Treble.

A professionally-setup guitar can play like a dream - with every note flowing into the next as you concentrate purely on how it should sound.

Conversely, a poorly-setup guitar can appear to fight every strum and every pick, forcing you to alter how you play and therefore compromising your performance. 

We're proud that all Yamaha guitars - acoustic, electric, bass and Silent models - have a richly-deserved reputation for excellent craftsmanship, high build quality, superb playability and consistent performance.

For guitarists with specific preferences on playability, our Guitar Workshop team are ready to work with you to get the perfect setup for your new or existing Yamaha guitar.

And, when your Yamaha guitar needs modification or repair, the Guitar Workshop is ready to help.

  • Professional Guitar Setup
  • Guitar Health Check
  • Guitar Repair & Maintenance
  • Guitar Restringing

Contact the Bass & Treble Store for more information or to make an appointment with a guitar technician.


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