Rohit John Chettri

Rohit John Chhetri is a popular musician, singer, and songwriter of Nepal. He has given several hits such as Bistarai Bistarai, Timrai dui ankhama , prayas and so on.

Equipments used  by Rohit John Chettri:

  • Yamaha DBR12 Powered Speakers
  • Yamaha MG16XU, 16-channel mixer
  • Yamaha DBR10 Powered Speakers
  • SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  •  RDP0F5- Rydeen Acoustic Drumkit
  • Yamaha Hardware Set GM2F53A

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Kiran Shahi

Kiran Shahi (born September 10, 1989, in Patan, Kathmandu) is a Nepalese drummer and founding member of Kathmandu-based progressive art-rock band Jindabaad, Realised Beings & MadJazz Quintet. Kiran is widely known to be an exceedingly versatile and adaptive drummer, which he has demonstrated in receiving Outstanding Performance Awards at the Jazz For the Next Generation competition in 2011 as well as from the Academy of Music and Sound, UK, in 2018.
Growing up in a highly culturally diverse locality of Kathmandu exposed him to a kaleidoscope of styles and performance practices. From jazz to progressive rock to hip-hop/rap and traditional music, Kiran plays it all.
Over the course of his career, Kiran has played with a highly eclectic variety of musicians. He feels that young musicians should be open-minded and unafraid to take risks, learn music history, listen to the masters, and expose themselves to as much music as possible.
Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge), Tico Torres (Bon Jovi) and John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) were some of Kiran’s earliest influencers. As he transgressed stylistic boundaries, he began to draw influence from Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, Neal Peart from Rush, and Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree.
In addition to his band Jindabaad, Kiran has been actively gigging around Kathmandu with Le Piro Quintet & Realised Beings.
He also fulfils his passion for teaching drums at Music Circle in Kathmandu and has taken on a number of talented diploma students at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory.
“Yamaha drums are very powerful, expressive and versatile both in live and studio setting so it has always been my dream to play Yamaha drums”

Equipments used  by Kiran Shahi:

  • - Absolute Hybrid Maple 
  • - Yamaha EAD 10
  • - Promark Sd330W
  • - Promark TX721W
  • - Promark TX733W
  • - Promark TXJZW
  • - Evans B12UV1
  • - Evans B10UV1
  • - Evans B09UV1
  • - Evans B14UV1
  • - Evans BD16UV1
  • - Evans B18UV1
  • - Evans BD20UV1
  • - MV88+ Videography kit

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Sanjay Silwal Gupta

Sanjay is an actor, radio and television presenter, highly known for his emcee prowess. He has been a part of almost all national and various international events, thereby associating him with multitude of both homegrown and global entities.

His podcast On Air has 144K subscribers as of Jan 2022 and presents you with diverse informative and entertaining segments with multiple Nepali extraordinaire belonging to various professional sectors.

Equipments used by Sanjay Silwal Gupta:

  • -Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone 
  • -Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  • -SRH440A Professional Studio Headphones


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